20th February 2018.

Waaaaaaow, time flies!!!!!! I am nearing my 6th month at work, wahooo!

I am not sure where the next chapter of my life will take me! As time ticks, my application seems more and more like a rejection. Hmm, I’m really not sure what I’ll do if it is a rejection… aaaah… need to pray pray pray.

In the mean time, let’s refresh ourselves on the following months goals! I set so many to-dos for myself at the beginning of the year!

  • Learn more songs on thepia pia piano!
    While I have the piano at home, I want to make the most of it. It is one of my favourite instruments and being able to play was something I missed dearly throughout my uni years.
  • Paint more!
    I want to paint a really, really detailed piece without rushing. I want to explore a bit outside of my comfort zone in terms of art too; try different styles!
  • KBK SS18 Collection!!!
    EEeeee I’m excited already. So much to do, but all is exciting.
  • Upload/ edit my next Youtube video.
    The content I have at the minute makes me cry and laugh at the same time. I’m just not sure what to do with it teebeeeaitch.
  • Spend more koala-ty family time.
  • Get baptised… aaaaah!
    I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. Perhaps now is the time to take that leap of faith. Nothing stops me bar the whole public speaking thing tbhtbh.
  • Bake more!!!
    This is the only hobby I didn’t really make time for in the past few months. I really want to bake! Bailey’s Cheesecake and 蛋撻 are on my list!
  • Exercise more!
    Dance dance dance. I haven’t really exercised eversince graduation laaaawl. I really should.
  • Drink more water.
    Health Katie, health.
  • Learn Korean.
    I thought I’d be semi-fluent by now but I’m still stuck at Anyeonghasayo.

A list of all my favourite things, really. Yeh yeh yeh! ^-^


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