I count myself a lucky one to have grown up surrounded by such a supportive group, with whom I feel absolutely comfortable in sharing all my joys, my weaknesses and my struggles with.

The past three years however, have forced me to explore outside of my comfort zone. I really do enjoy meeting new people; a fresh page! However, a pattern I noticed was that so many of us talk but so few of us truly share.

Words come out of our mouths, but how often does it occur to us to ask “How are you feeling?”. Even then, how often is it that we can truly share how we really feel. Surely, a burden shared is a burden halved! And a success shared is a celebration!

To be frankly honest, I don’t blame anyone for hiding their feelings. In hindsight, the past three years have been a struggle. It has been difficult hiding all the sad parts of me because I was afraid that those around me would laugh rather than encourage. I was afraid that they’d see less of me. I was afraid that I would feel misunderstood.

I guess the bottom line is that… being vulnerable means being open to being hurt; and no one likes to be hurt.

Society tells us to protect ourselves… but unity tells us to be vulnerable and share eachother’s burdens.

Only after coming home, have I noticed the change in myself. That internally drained feeling has slowly faded and I am starting to feel.. at ease, at peace and a strange, yet familiar sense of fullness.

Only after having shared my worries and struggles did I realise how supportive my friends are. Only after having prayed with them, did I realise how good God is!

I can’t thank those around me enough, for all the messages I’ve received for even a 5 minute powerpoint presentation I was worried about.

Today, I urge to you share, and I urge you to be a trustworthy person worth sharing to. The world would be a better place if we all carried eachother’s burdens a little more!




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