Traffic Lights.

Life is a little like my drive from the M2 motorway to Lee Garden for yumcha on a Sunday morning; full of traffic lights.

Life may give you plenty ‘Go‘ signs, ‘Stop‘ signs or ‘Wait but be ready‘ signs.

When we are stuck at a red light, we might fall into thinking that we’re stuck there forever… or we won’t reach the destination on time.

When we are faced with a green light, we power through with ease; life is good.

When we’re faced with an amber light, we are slightly unsure whether to slow down and wait or to step on the accelerator and risk running a red light. A choice needs to be made.

For me, I find myself pausing at many red lights – not sure when the wait will end. There are times when I questioned whether there was even any point waiting.

The drive might be dangerous if we drive on our own (yes, me in particular) but if we let God take the wheel, we will definitely reach the destination for sure! No matter how many traffic lights you face, you’ll still arrive safely and soundly.

Sometimes we don’t even know the directions (yes, me again), but God does.

I hope you can find comfort in knowing that, much like I did.


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