New beginnings!

It’s time! I haven’t put alot of thought into this new job since I got the offer, but now that it’s actually happening, I’m feeling a bit nervous! 

80% of me is basically worried about my driving in the country roads. The other 20% of me is worried about whether the people are nice!

One of the customers at the restaurant reassured me today when she said she spoke to a girl who works there and she loves it! So that’s good news.

I guess I’m there to learn new things and save up money! They’re paying me and teaching me new things so I can’t complain at all! 

I’m excited to be a big girl and finally give back to our parents! I’m excited to start a routine! I’m excited to bring lunch everyday. I’m excited to learn skills that I lack! 

Everything will be new, maybe stressful, but if God has brought me here (even though I wanted to stay in London this year TT), then He will carry me through it! 

This is such a deja vu moment of my uni choices. I got the uni I didn’t want… but if I had to choose again, I’d choose QM all over. Not because I enjoyed the course,  nor was the uni teaching system amazing. 

I’d choose the same thing because I had some of the most fun, joyful and independent memories of my life there. When I discovered Whitechapel fruit market, I knew God chose the right place for me.

More importantly, I met some very special people I wouldn’t have elsewhere! Although there was a point in time last year, when I thought I didn’t have any real friends in London and I thought London life was too lonely… Never have I missed my besties, J and my fam so much in my life LOL.

BuuUuuUuut actually in hindsight, I was very fortunate indeed to have Squadz and my med girls as my comfort blanket in uni. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Typing this makes me want to go back btw LOL. 

This post has gone really off topic and I should really sleeeeep. 

Goodnight, world! 


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