Love them for who they are; not what they can do for you. #friendlyreminder 



My biggest fear is sadly something that is out of my control. My biggest fear is losing someone that I love. As my grandparents are growing older by the day, I can’t but worry that my biggest fear will dawn upon me one day. It may not be soon, but to know that time is actually ticking really scares me.

I am worried that I will have regrets. I am worried I didn’t spend as much time as possible eating with my grandparents because I was out with friends. I am worried that I won’t see them in heaven. I am worried that one of them will have to be lonely one day. I am worried that I won’t know how to deal with it. I am worried that one day, my family won’t feel complete anymore.

As much as I wish I could lift it up to God and trust God’s timing in everything; I really can’t help but fear a little.


Thank you.

Thank you for being the one to remind me how precious and important it is to talk to our parents. 

Thank you for being the one to endure my moody tantrums, and insist on finding solutions, rather than getting impatient with me.

Thank you for your endless support and for always being interested in what is on my mind. 

Thank you for saying “Let me think, what should WE do.” when I tell you problems I have halfway across the globe from you. 

Thank you for embracing the good in me, rather than nitpicking the bad.

Thank you for your generosity and carefree heart, which always inspires me to live more and more like that.

Thank you for being my best friend; who never judges me and is always by my side. 

I love you and appreciate you more than I can say. Thankful that we are a team. ❤️

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