“Trust your gut feeling, it’s usually right.”

More often than not. 



If you happen to share a friendship where you stick by eachother in both the good and the bad, can celebrate eachothers successes without any bitterness, where you both lift eachother higher, and can fully be yourselves and even be vulunerable with, hold onto that real tight.

The older I get, the more I realise that good people are not easy to come by. Forever grateful for the few gems I have, going to hold onto yous forever.


Hey world. Today, I’ve quite alot I’d like to get off my mind and the topic is: my parents.

Working pretty much full-time recently means I spend alot more time with my parents, especially having been away at uni for so long. I realised how freaking hard my parents have to work and they still refuse to close the restaurant for one day per week. We (bro, sis and I )have been pushing this movement ever since we were staff-deprived. We always think that the quote, “What’s the point in having so much money if you have no time to spend it?” really suits my parents, and alot of parents actually.

As I was discussing this with N, she said, “It’s because we aren’t earning yet. They probably have to stress about bills.”.

I mean, I always knew our parents sacrificed so much of their time and work to provide for us; but it never occurred to me that they were actually using their hard-work, precious time and devoting their life to a 14hour work shift in exchange for our easy-going life.

I really wish I could do a career that I love, and do it well enough so my parents no longer have to live this life.

Thanks Mama and Papa,

Stay healthy and live long. You both deserve to enjoy life instead of just work.



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