God is good.

It has been a really tough week. Seeing M today really broke my heart. I remember the last time we spoke and she was so different, and so lively… it just makes me think how unfair life is and how much she wants to get better, and how much everyone around her wants her to get better.

I can’t even imagine how A is coping, she has been so strong. God has held the hearts of their family. God is carrying M in His arms, she will never be alone, that is for sure.

One thing God has done that M would be happy to know is that, through her, she has inspired so, so many more people to know the One true God. As a believer, she even makes me feel that God is real. The way she lives her life, in health and in sickness, trusting Him all the way… she is such a faithful woman. It has left me in awe.

Through M, both AZ and AL have shared a piece of their faith with me. I never knew either of them had a curious heart and I’m really glad God has made this happen. M, you’ve been an inspiration even if you don’t know it!!

You’re the best.

Thanks for being such a faithful woman. Thanks for being such a bright reminder that, even when life is unfair, behind it all… God is good.


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