I Miss You.

It has been exactly 170 days since I last saw you. Only 480 more to go… haha! I remember when 2 weeks of LDR felt like aaaaaaages. This is a whole new level of LDR; but it’s okay, because I know we can do it.

Most days go quite quickly because of this fast-paced, deadline-filled lifestyle I am currently adopting due to the fact that the end of FINAL YEAR is fast approaching. However, some days I miss you more than others, and today is one of them.

When plans arise with our group of friends, I think, “I wish you were coming too”. When I buy someones birthday present, I think, “I was shopping for this with you last year”. 

Some days, I worry that you are not safe, but I know that as long as I keep you in my prayers, you are in good hands. You know, I am so, so, so excited for these 480 days to end, yet I can’t help hide the spark of worry that we still can’t be together after this long wait.

Some days, I wake up to your call and that makes me happy for the rest of the day; the rest of the week.

They sure didn’t lie when they said LDR is tough! Man, it really is. That being said, I do feel so grateful that our love has only strengthened with distance.

480 days, I have four hundred and eighty days to fatten up so large that you won’t even recognise me when we meet again. har har.

I kid, kind of.



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