Two Years.

Reflecting on our lives together these past two years. I am really grateful to call you my best friend and partner in snacking.


People always notice your change in behaviour towards them, but they never question their attitude that caused it.

Too much truths in this.

Sunday reminders.

The ride home was a rainy and dark one. On the motorway, I just had sudden thoughts. So many whys and hows.

However, it’s currently 5:00am. I’m still awake because I woke up crying from my nightmare and told J. I feel much better now although I’m sure I will regret having stayed awake in about 3 hours time when I have to wake up for work.

Anyway, before I forget, here is today’s pick-me-ups!

– Every second and every breath is a gift so use it well. !!

– It’s easy to accept everything we have as if we deserve it; but in fact, everything is a gift. Our parents, our living conditions, our friends and our health. We came to world with nothing and will leave with nothing (sorry.. real deep). So instead of holding on so tightly to life, we should just be thankful.

– Instead of worrying, just do your best and let God do the rest!! He is the same God that saved His people in the dessert and forgave them when they worshipped a gold cow in the Bible. He is the same God that gave His very own Son for you and me. He is faithful and He will provide.

– Tell your parents you love them before you regret.

– Be kind to Ed, he’s going through many life choices atm, while balancing work, studies and general adulthood. Instead of giving constant big sister ‘hard advice’, why not be more of a support and realise he’s really trying.

– I’m a big worrier to be honest. A big worrier of my health too sometimes. However, I realised today even my body was made by God. I should take good care of it, and be good to myself. However, some diseases you just can’t control – let God take control. He made you so He will take care of you – whatever His plans are. “Let go and let God.”

– Instead of dwelling on regrets and worrying for the future – why not just enjoy the present and take a moment to appreciate everything you do have, rather than worrying about everything you might lose.

– Don’t wait until bad things happen to change. Try your best now. Time isn’t guaranteed and like I said – it’s well and truly a gift.

Goodnight, World!


The more I study science – the more I believe that there must be a creator behind it. The Universe is a mathematical miracle.


You know those deep shower thoughts? Well, I had deep shower thoughts about deep thoughts haha.

I wonder, do we ever stop thinking? Apart from the odd zone out. Our brains are always processing, analyzing and even in our sleeps, dreaming. 

Do our thoughts make us who we are. Do we control our thoughts or do our thoughts define us? Wowwowowo. I’m deeped out. 

Why I thought this? Well, I realised I am quite a thinker recently. Some might say, over-thinker.  I wonder if we ever stop thinking though? Or do we just select different things to think about. #interestingggg #foodforthought #ironically #thinkingaboutnotthinking #overthinkingoverthinking 


God puts you in the same situation again and again because He wants you to learn something from it.  – Nikniks

This girl goes from hating the world to spitting the most moving words within seconds. !!

I really hate being out of my comfort zone tbh. I really don’t enjoy change aswell. I’m such a safety net kind of person.

I guess it’s time to be brave.

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