Food For Thought.

We stop wanting to be the main character when we realise that God is the only real main character.

Dear future me,

I sincerely hope that you’ll grow to give all the glory to God in all that you do. I hope that you’ll grow to be more humble and learn to lift up those around you and give them credit; because you never do things alone. I hope that you’ll grow to be a lady whose presence is enjoyable to be around. I hope that your presence will be an encouragement to those you encounter.

I hope that you’ll be brave enough to truly be yourself in most situations!

I hope that you can grow to care less about what people think of you, and care more about your true character!

Keep being you, the you that God made with no mistakes – with a drive to be a better reflection of His love everyday.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. –  2 Corinthians 12:9


My sin was great, Your love was greater.


For me, beauty is not only something you can necessarily see. It’s more so something that you can feel.

You can be beautiful regardless of what surfaces the eye. You are His most treasured creation. You are even more beautiful that the sunset you so admire, and those mountains that take your breath away.

What is right. What is good. What is kind.

To be right, to be good or to be kind.

To whom?

Sometimes being kind to one may also mean being hurtful to another. Sometimes being good also means saying a stern no. .. but does that make me unkind?

It’s a tricky one… and I feel uneasy.

However, what I do know for sure is that the words of frustration I expressed earlier were not kind words.

I guess it’s all down to your root motives… I don’t even know anymore.

This post makes no sense.

20th February 2018.

Waaaaaaow, time flies!!!!!! I am nearing my 6th month at work, wahooo!

I am not sure where the next chapter of my life will take me! As time ticks, my application seems more and more like a rejection. Hmm, I’m really not sure what I’ll do if it is a rejection… aaaah… need to pray pray pray.

In the mean time, let’s refresh ourselves on the following months goals! I set so many to-dos for myself at the beginning of the year!

  • Learn more songs on thepia pia piano!
    While I have the piano at home, I want to make the most of it. It is one of my favourite instruments and being able to play was something I missed dearly throughout my uni years.
  • Paint more!
    I want to paint a really, really detailed piece without rushing. I want to explore a bit outside of my comfort zone in terms of art too; try different styles!
  • KBK SS18 Collection!!!
    EEeeee I’m excited already. So much to do, but all is exciting.
  • Upload/ edit my next Youtube video.
    The content I have at the minute makes me cry and laugh at the same time. I’m just not sure what to do with it teebeeeaitch.
  • Spend more koala-ty family time.
  • Get baptised… aaaaah!
    I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. Perhaps now is the time to take that leap of faith. Nothing stops me bar the whole public speaking thing tbhtbh.
  • Bake more!!!
    This is the only hobby I didn’t really make time for in the past few months. I really want to bake! Bailey’s Cheesecake and 蛋撻 are on my list!
  • Exercise more!
    Dance dance dance. I haven’t really exercised eversince graduation laaaawl. I really should.
  • Drink more water.
    Health Katie, health.
  • Learn Korean.
    I thought I’d be semi-fluent by now but I’m still stuck at Anyeonghasayo.

A list of all my favourite things, really. Yeh yeh yeh! ^-^


Valentine’s Day.

Honestly speaking, V’Day doesn’t hold very much significance for me. All of these years, V’Day has only meant working on a weekday at the restaurant because numerous couples hop in for a meal for 2. Today would be not break the tradition, of course.

As commerical of a date it is, I do quite enjoy having an excuse to do extra cheesey things for eachother.

This is our 3rd Valentine’s day and also our 2nd one apart.

I shall take the chance today, to reflect on all of the good in you, for which I am so thankful for!

(Don’t throw up yet – more Mozarella to come huehue.)

1.) Your patience.

I make attempts to demonstrate God’s love through patience and kindness towards you. However, I am always the one to flip and you are always the calm, problem solver. I’m so glad that you are never too proud to apologise or accept my apologies. You inspire me to be more patient and forgiving too.

2.) You’re a good guy.

Not only towards me, but towards your family, friends and even strangers sometimes. I truly respect a genuinely kind person.

3.) Your acceptance.

As lovable as I am, I do come with flaws (laaawls). However, you embrace every part of me; inside and out. You respect my passions and my faith. When I’m feeling ugly or release gas – you never fail to translate ‘ugly’ into ‘cute’ for me laaaawl. Very kind of you. However, I can’t say that I appreciate the pungent waft that floats around when you release gas. I don’t miss that smell. At all.

4.) You are ambitious.

You have plans and goals for the future. You take steps towards those goals. You actually study and put in the work for your academics. You are also a smart guy – one of my favourite past times is actually learning from you and with you during our degree.

5.) You are always interested.

You are basically my best friend. Thanks for always being so interested in my life; and thanks for sharing pieces of your life with me!

6.) Our similarities (and differences!)

I guess we are both ambiverts. We both enjoy eachothers company, but treasure the space that enables us to breathe and live our own lives; chase our own passions. We share similar morals, we are both deep thinkers and we both enjoy the same food! However, our differences e.g. culture, personalities, experiences and friendships open up a whole new world in terms of language, food, cultural norms, family norms, movies and so much more! It also makes me happy that we are learning (slowly but surely) eachothers native languages together.

7.) You cook.

You cook delicious food – basically rice, pasta and ready made sauce. That is already a level-up to my boiled chicken with soya sauce. Eating with you makes me want to go home and learn how to cook up a few delicious dishes from granny! I will cook up a good 住家飯 one day. Watch this space.

8.) You sing.

You sing and you never fail to share your current favourite tunes with me. I enjoy that so much. After all, we only became friends because of IU.

9.) Trustworthy.

I trust you and that is trust that you’ve earned. As insecure as I can be, I think I can say I trust you. Actually, even more so, I trust God XD. I trust that whatever happens in our relationship – good or bad – the bigger picture is always going to be good.

10.) You take initiative.

I think it’s cool when you take initiative. You’re good at using maps and leading the way when we venture somewhere new. You are good at googling my symptoms when I tell you I don’t feel well (and have already googled them myself). You’re good at suggesting what to eat. You’re good at suggesting what movie we should watch.

I like that there is a balance between us. Sometimes you choose, sometimes I choose – teamwork :).

11.) You are hygienic.

I think we can both say this.

12.) How we can joke and be silly, but we can also delve into deeper, meaningful topics with ease.

I love how you make me so comfortable that I can always express the real, weird, childish me that I am. I love how you can be such a child and plain weird too! I love how we come up with songs like The Durian Song, which you claim you totally hate but then I catch you singing it behind my back.

On the other end of the spectrum, it comes with such ease when we wish to discuss topics such as family, friends, career, sickness, summer plans, faith, troubles… anything and everything. I love that we can share so openly and easily – to the point that it is rarely awkward for me to bring up any topic; and that’s rare … for an awkward being like myself.

I love that you have so much to share with me aswell and I guess that’s why we even became such good friends to begin with.

13.) You never shift the blame.

You always apologise for where you think you’ve hurt ones feelings. You never stand back and point fingers. You carry maturity, acceptance and empathy. In this sense, I have aloooot to learn from you. Our disagreements never get way too out of hand because you are never too proud to solve the problem. Once again, not allowing my emotions to consume me is another one I’ve to learn from you!

14.) You are passionate!

You are passionate about sport, Barcelona (not sure if you’re more passionate about Barcelona than you are about me but sure), music and traveling. You enjoy your man dates with you guy pals. You enjoy your family meals and daddy-son dates. You have passions and hobbies, and you cultivate them well!

15.) You have a child-like heart.

You always say that I’m like a child but I beg to differ but let’s be honest, you are the real child. When you laugh, it’s like there is nothing else in the world that matters. You are so simple. Sometimes, I wonder if I am your only source of stress. Please stay smart, but simple and pure. I love you very much for that.

16.) You are thoughtful and make the effort.

You make the effort and you are never afraid to express your care for me. I guess that is how we even became. No mind games.

In terms of LDR – your constant effort for 2 whole years to call me (bc I can’t call you). In the summer time, you stand by the telephone box, sweating whilst getting bit by mosquitos for a solid hour. In the winter time, you stand freezing in -20 degrees Celcius just so we can catch up. Your efforts to send me parcels and hand-written letters. Your effort in planning and then replanning 3838578329 times when I visited SKorea. Your effort in visiting me twice in HK.

Thanks for saying that loving me is easy. Thanks for caring and remembering all the details of the happenings at this end. Thanks for everything everything everything.

I hope that I can be as supportive towards you as you are to me, and more! T_T

I am grateful for so much more, but let’s save that for another day.

I thank God for you daily, 이재원.


This month, I was reminded that:

Very often, love is respecting someones freedom and space. To let them know that you are always cheering them on and will be there when they need – without forcing yourself through the layers that they don’t wish to share.

There are a few friends I hold dear to my heart and this month, I’ve learned to love them from a distance.

A warm embrace.

No words needed – just a simple hug.

I miss that.

A hug that silently whispers, “You are not alone because I am here to support you. Everything will be okay.”

A hug that brings a thousand words.

Today, I miss your comforting hugs.

I guess this period of distance has taught me to lean on God – The only One who can truly heal hearts and carry our burdens.

I thought I have been doing well, but today, especially today,

I miss your warm embrace.


Most of my week flows by like a breeze – a very routine kind of breeze. However, Sundays are different.

Sundays are a strange one for me.

Sundays have always been a favourite of mine – it brings a day of rest along with the company of my nearest and dearest.

Sundays bring a time for one to sit and reflect on all the good and all the bad throughout the week.

Sundays offer words of comfort, a powerful reminder of Him.

Very strangely, however, Sunday is the day that my heart feels most burdened.

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t feel so much. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t think so much too.

Maybe it’s the cold, crisp air? Maybe the winter snow carries a pang of loneliness with it?

I’m not quite sure what it is, but I know the only cure to my worrisome heart is The Word. That shall be how I end and start this week.

Goodnight, World!

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