What is your –

Favourite food:
Ice cream; especially Matcha, Sesame & Pistachio flavours. 

Most important characteristic in a companion:

Kind heartedness. 

Favourite place: 

Anywhere warm, safe and with good company. I do have a particular love for London though.

Ideal day: 

Waking up to sunshine and clear skies. Going into a clean kitchen and making pancakes topped with strawberries. Doing nothing but chilling with my loved ones. Perhaps a walk in the park and some painting too! 

Favourite hobby: 

Drawing and listening to happy osts. 


I always have a soft spot for people who help me / look out for me.

Loved and lost or never loved at all:

Loved and lost. 

To you.

There are some people I hold dear to my heart and you are without a doubt, one of them. To be honest, I can’t say that we are really good friends, but you are definitely a special one.

I hope that you will stay kind, witty and happy forever. Thanks for being kind, thanks for being so funny and making me laugh, and lastly, thanks for speaking up for your faith, even if you’re not 100% sure about it.

I hope that this will be a year of growth, love and joy for you! I hope that you will really feel God’s love for you. I hope that you will goto church out of curiosity, wanting to know more and enjoyment, rather than obligation. God loves you very much so, even if you don’t know!

Keeping you in my prayers from afar.


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