You know those deep shower thoughts? Well, I had deep shower thoughts about deep thoughts haha.

I wonder, do we ever stop thinking? Apart from the odd zone out. Our brains are always processing, analyzing and even in our sleeps, dreaming. 

Do our thoughts make us who we are. Do we control our thoughts or do our thoughts define us? Wowwowowo. I’m deeped out. 

Why I thought this? Well, I realised I am quite a thinker recently. Some might say, over-thinker.  I wonder if we ever stop thinking though? Or do we just select different things to think about. #interestingggg #foodforthought #ironically #thinkingaboutnotthinking #overthinkingoverthinking 



God puts you in the same situation again and again because He wants you to learn something from it.  – Nikniks

This girl goes from hating the world to spitting the most moving words within seconds. !!

I really hate being out of my comfort zone tbh. I really don’t enjoy change aswell. I’m such a safety net kind of person.

I guess it’s time to be brave.


“You grow the most at the edge of your comfort zone.”

“Love people well; don’t just give them your leftovers.” 

I love leaders meetings because we all take little snippets of our own experiences and bring them to the table to share! Well challenged. 

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